KINZUKA(Microbe Mound)

Building Microbe Mound

 At the beginning of the Showa Era the Enzyme Industry, which has been my lifework, could 
be said to be at what you might call its budding or 'germ' stage, and there were lying before 
us a great number of trials and ordeals. Happily and to our great pleasure, thanks to recent 
remarkable progress in bacteriology, new kinds of enzymes have been developed in 
succession, and have been playing important roles in many fields. 
But how selfish of human beings to have been too indifferent to the victimization of trillions 
of little lives, in the shade of these glorious technological achievements, to pay attention to 
the sacrifices offered by them! Deploring this deeply, I set up the Microbe Mound in the holy 
precinct of the auspicious Manshuin Temple at the western foot of Mt. Hiei.
On constructing it, I had Dr.Kinichirou Sakaguchi do lots of favors, including Title Calligraphy 
to Ode To Microbe Mound; furthermore, on the Eye-Opening ceremony, to my greatest joy, 
he composed a congratulatory poem: 

  Loving unseen tiny lives
  We build an eternal stone monument at the old Templeyard. 

 Receiving precious recommendatory letters from many distinguished people in this field, I 
compiled them into a pamphlet, titled 
  "Contributions To Microbe Mound," 
and presented them to schools, institutes, and laboratories widely through our country. 
Bathed in bliss of my dream coming true, my utmost wish is that persons engaged in this 
industry pay a visit once in a while to this sacred place and swear to fulfill their respective 
job never to be shamed by little creatures' sacrifices.
  Paying condolence to Microbes' souls                 
At the first anniversary of building the Microbe Mound on May in 1982
  Takeo Kasabo, at a cottage in Takarazuka 

Microbe Mound
To the innumerable souls of Microbes
Who have dedicated and sacrificed 
For the existence of Humans,
We pay our deepest respect.
Here we hold a Memorial Service
For their soul's rest and condolence,
Building a Microbe Mound.

Archibishop Endoh, Fortieth Monk in Succession of the Manshuin Temple
Calligraphy for Ode to Microbe by Kinichiro Sakaguchi